How to Use Amazon Brand Analytics to Optimize Your Amazon Ads Campaign

How to Use Amazon Brand Analytics to Optimize Your Amazon Ads Campaign

Making money selling on Amazon isn’t always a walk in the park. It could be difficult to be noticed in Amazon’s enormous marketplace and boost sales. Amazon Brand Analytics is useful for that. It’s a fantastic resource for vendors looking to improve their understanding of brand analytics, competition, and consumers.

To boost sales, sellers can improve product listings, target the right audiences, and access a variety of information using the Amazon Brand Analytics tool.

Using Amazon Brand Analytics can help you reach your business goals, regardless of whether you’re an experienced seller trying to improve your strategy or just getting your feet wet in the marketplace. This comprehensive tutorial will walk you through the process of making the most of Amazon’s brand analytics tools by exploring their features and benefits.

Amazon Brand Analytics In Simple Words:

Members of the Amazon Brand Registry, also known as Brand Owners, have unique access to Amazon Brand Analytics. When it comes to advertising, promoting, and selling on Amazon, Brand Analytics gives businesses access to useful data and insightful statistics.

Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central members have access to Amazon Brand Analytics. You can easily access your brand’s analytics from your Amazon Seller Central Account:

Amazon Brand Analytics

Decisions on product lineups and advertising and marketing tactics can be informed by these reports. Continue reading to learn about the five different types of reports brand owners can access, and how to use Amazon brand Analytics to optimize your Amazon Ads campaign.

Is Amazon Brand Analytics Right for Me?

In order for you to use Amazon Brand Analytics as a vendor, you need to meet these conditions:

  1. You need to have your Amazon Brand Registry account set up.
  2. Assume the role of brand owner.
  3. Your brand ought to be an active trademark that has been registered.
  4. The brand’s Amazon marketing should be under your leadership.

If you meet all of these conditions (with the exception of the Amazon Brand Registry criterion), you are eligible to apply to join Amazon Brand Analytics. Remember that joining ABA does not cost anything.

5 Types Of Useful Reports Generated By Amazon Brand Analytics

1. Amazon Search Terms:

Find out which three goods are getting the most attention for the phrases that are important to you by interacting with Amazon Search Terms.

Amazon Search Terms interface on Amazon Brand Analytics

You should begin your keyword research here. Based on actual customer data supplied by Amazon, it outperforms all other keyword tools.

Enter a seed keyword (the shorter, the better) to begin, and Amazon will provide you the following information for every Amazon Search Term variation that includes that word:

  1. Search Frequency Rank
  2. #1, #2, #3 Clicked ASIN
  3. #1, #2, #3 Click Share
  4. #1, #2, #3 Conversion Share

Entering your ASINs into the ASIN box is another way to use Amazon Search Terms report. It will show you which terms rank highest for click share within the first 1.99 million or so terms.

Amazon Search Term

Use Product Targeting to identify competitive products that are higher in rank and target them. If you want to rank higher than your competition, you should also aim to increase bids for certain keywords.

2. Repeat Purchase Behavior:

In order to increase sales and retain customers, this report is a great tool for planning and evaluating marketing initiatives.

  1. Any of the following may lead to a customer making a repeat purchase:
  2. Many of your commercial clients purchase multiple units.
  3. Satisfied consumers have returned for more.

3. Market Basket Analysis:

This is a concept taken from data science that describes the correlation between frequently bought products and the combinations of products that customers buy. Basically, if a customer purchases two of your products A and two from your competitor, Product X, within the selected time frame, Amazon will tell you this ratio of 50%-50%.

Market Basket Analysis interface for Amazon Brand Analytics

This information sound almost too wonderful to be true. Sellers and marketers can take advantage of this information by making Product Targeting advertising or cross-selling and bundling possibilities. Your confidence in targeting that ASIN will increase as the proportion rises.

4. Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior:

By using Item Comparison, you can see which products people are looking at most often with yours. These may be things from your own inventory or something from a rival company’s. When contrasted with data from Market Basket, this information can shed light on customers’ actions higher up the sales funnel. It stands for customers who are in the “Consideration” stage of the buying process.

After seeing your goods, the Alternate Purchase Behavior report shows the buyer’s ultimate decision. They dropped out of your funnel if the patterns indicate they purchased a product from a rival company instead of yours. You can utilize this information to research your rivals and find out how they’re doing things differently or better.

Brand Analytics data can be visualized in this way, according to report type and in relation to the sales funnel stages.

5. Demographics:

Learn more about your customers’ demographics across a specific time frame with this report’s per-SKU data. Make use of this to find ways to personalize each SKU.

Here you can find information regarding the following specifics:

  • Age
  • Household
  • Income
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
Demographics interface for Amazon Brand Analytics

Don’t expect to uncover any revolutionary discoveries every time you go back to this, though it’s quite handy to have a deep insight and check in every three months to see if anything has changed.

How To Use Amazon Brand Analytics To Improve My Sales?

Among the many benefits the Brand Owners may enjoy using this tool are the following:

Amazon Brand Analytics
  1. Free Of Cost: This analytics tools is completely free, which is a great way to save money compared to third-party alternatives, that cost much more expensive subscription plans.
  2. Comprehensive Insights: Gain a better understanding of your items with the help of Amazon Brand Analytics.
  3. Make Informed Decisions: In order to optimize your PPC campaigns and build the proper marketing tactics, it is a great tool to have.
  4. Understand Your Audience: It helps you determine the purchasing habits of your target demographic.
  5. Download Reports: Excel downloads for commonly used time periods are supported.

How Is Amazon Brand Analytics Better Than Other Analytic Tools?

Even though the answer is pretty obvious, but here it goes. Compared to Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, which only estimate the data they scrape from Amazon, the reports generated by Amazon Brand Analytics are typically more accurate and legitimate because they are derived directly from Amazon’s database of customer search behavior. If you’re a store or brand seller who doesn’t qualify for brand registration or arbitrage, you can try using Amazon’s free search term lookup, which shares the same database as other pricey seller tools, but has similar functionality.

How To Use Amazon Brand Analytics To Optimize Amazon PPC Management?

To get the most out of Brand Analytics, we recommend marketers, brand managers, owners, sellers, to follow these tips to optimize Amazon PPC management:

  1. To aid in product development, it is helpful to analyze and comprehend customer purchasing behavior.
  2. Make use of the data you get from Amazon Brand Analytics to enhance your product listings. One way to do this is by targeting new search terms.
  3. On a weekly, quarterly, and yearly basis, review the information from your Amazon Brand Analytics account.
  4. Optimize your Amazon PPC advertising by updating your ad targeting settings and developing new marketing techniques.
  5. Go after your competitors and increase your market share with the use of search engine optimization (SEO) and Amazon ads campaigns.

You can be sure that your overall market share will increase if you take all of these points into consideration.

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