Case Studies

Implementing AMZDUDES's winning tactics for listing optimization, wholesale account management, optimal inventory, conducting effective PPC ads, and more has helped clients boost their monthly revenue and secure a much stronger brand presence on the largest e-commerce platform.

Check out our portfolio of triumphs where we helped clients overcome typical Amazon issues (such as account suspension, IP infringements, non-existing online presence, and poor account health and inventory fiascos) and build successful brands.

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Case Studies

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How AMZDUDES Increase Amazon Sales by 144% with Strategic PPC Management

AMZDUDES is the leading Amazon marketing agency in the USA, dedicated to empowering brands and digital sellers in the e-commerce space.

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Uwaomah Store CaseStudy

From Newbie to 154% Profits: How AMZDUDES Helped UWAOMAH Store Set Up On Amazon

UWAOMAH, a new brand facing Amazon complexities, achieved 154% profits after partnering with AMZDUDES. Call AMZDUDES to learn how we can help your brand win on Amazon!

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AMZDUDES Axiom Stores

135% Visibility Surge: How AMZDUDES Launched Axiom into Wholesale Brilliance

Axiom Stores is a premier destination for retailers, resellers, or business owners to procure high-quality wholesale products.

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AMZDUDES Bonus Outdoors

AMZDUDES Employs Strategies To Cut Inventory Costs By 42% And 59% Profit Boost For Bonus Outdoors!

Bonus Outdoors is the #1 choice for US wholesale suppliers for all our customers in the United States. Its wholesale product portfolio includes brands like Adidas, Muc-off, Token, Oakley, and many others.

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dog deserve it

How AMZDUDES Helped Dogs Deserve It Reach Its 437% Sales Growth Potential

If you’re a pet owner in Chicago, you’re bound to have heard of Dogs Deserve It. The brand provides bespoke services for your canines and felines as well as manufacture some of the delicious treats and supplements your fur baby can feel on their taste buds!

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Discover Shop Tutto’s Journey From Start To Reaching 40% CTR with AMZDUDES Experts

Shop Tutto enjoyed a strong hold over its local market for supplying top brand wholesale products in its brick-and-mortar store in Chicago.

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Overcame Inventory Destocking Challenges to Supercharge Sales to 98% for K7L Store

K7L Store faced a critical issue: a sharp decline in sales attributed to inventory destocking problems.

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