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How AMZDUDES Helped Dogs Deserve It Reach Its 437% Sales Growth Potential

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If you’re a pet owner in Chicago, you’re bound to have heard of Dogs Deserve It. The brand provides bespoke services for your canines and felines as well as manufacture some of the delicious treats and supplements your fur baby can feel on their taste buds! Even though the business does an excellent job making your pet feel fulfilled, advertising is not their strong suit! Once we partnered with the brand, we boosted their brand’s awareness, upsold their products and optimize their organic ranking.


Unable To Beat Market Competition: The brand faced difficulty establishing a strong brand identity and differentiating yourself from competitors.

Unoptimized Product Listings: Ineffective product descriptions, poor quality images, and no relevant keywords for discoverability.

Ineffective Marketing Efforts: Lacked the expertise to develop and execute effective marketing campaigns to reach target audience.

Our Approach:

Initially we helped the client’s private label by optimising their current listings with well defined features, A+ content that entices the pet owners to boost organic ranking, plus executing effective PPC campaigns to boost overall sales for the brand. To ensure a strong brand position was established in the marketplace we made a brand story that perfectly portrays the business’ goals, products and services to win customer trust and interest.

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Our Strategy:

Keyword research and optimization: We identified relevant keywords and phrases to ensure the brand’s product ranks high in search results.

Compelling product titles and descriptions: With engaging and informative A+ content and bullet points, we highlighted product features and benefits.

Brand building: By building a strong brand identity through consistent messaging and visuals across each product listing, we boosted the brand’s presence on the platform.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: Creating and managing Amazon PPC campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your listing.


Developed a consistent brand identity: Improved brand recognition and trust across Amazon listings and marketing materials.

Ranked Product To The Top-Search: Optimized listings with A+ content and relevant keywords boosted ranks on Amazon’s search result.

Increased sales by 437%: After partnering with AMZDUDES, the brand experienced a surge in sales from $808, to $3537 monthly revenue.

131% boost in average order value (AOV): Upselling strategies through effective product descriptions and precisely targeted PPC campaigns.

Partnering with AMZDUDES has been an absolute game-changer for our company. While looking for reliable professionals for the e-commerce industry, AMZDUDES exceeded my expectations. They delivered on their promise of sustainable growth, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


Dogs Deserve It, once struggling to stand out in the competitive pet care market, has transformed into a thriving brand on Amazon thanks to the expertise of AMZDUDES. This case study is an example of the power of strategic optimization and targeted marketing beholds for a small-scale private label business on Amazon.

If you’re dealing with stagnant sales too, book a consultation with one of our experts today. Contact AMZDUDES today and let us help you pave your way to success!

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Your Amazon business needs a certified Amazon partner to guarantee sustainable growth. More than simply listing your products on Amazon is required; a whole process of product research, listing optimization, and PPC campaigns is a must to ensure your store has a solid online presence on the largest eCommerce platform.

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