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AMZDUDES Employs Strategies To Cut Inventory Costs By 42% And 59% Profit Boost For Bonus Outdoors!

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Reduced inventory cost


Increased profitability


Increased return on investment (ROI)


Bonus Outdoors is the #1 choice for US wholesale suppliers for all our customers in the United States. Its wholesale product portfolio includes brands like Adidas, Muc-off, Token, Oakley, and many others. However, before partnering with AMZDUDES, the business faced low scalability, inventory management fiasco, and low profitability margins. Here is how AMZDUDES helped the wholesale business to ace up their Amazon Wholesale Business potential.


Low Profit Yielding Products: The weight of highly profitable or in-demand products in the brand’s portfolio was rather low.

Unreliable Suppliers: The relationship with long-term suppliers were difficult to manage, especially in terms of price negotiations.

Inventory Fiasco: Unoptimized logistics and fulfilment processes lead to high shipping and storage costs.

Our Approach:

The first strategy we focused on was to streamline inventory management, making it more cost and time efficient. Secondly, we listed all the lucrative products for wholesale within the client’s niche categories. And lastly, to ensure scalability and sustainability, we ensured the business complied with Amazon’s policies for wholesalers, and managed the business’ workflow.

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Our Strategy:

Product Research and Sourcing

Starting with market research and analysis, we identified the most lucrative products for the brand, under Sports & Fitness, Outdoors, Automotive, and Apparel categories, then using cutting edge tools we reached out to the reliable best possible deals on pricing, minimum order quantities, and delivery terms with suppliers.

Amazon Account Management

Our team managed everything from creating compelling product listings to tracking inventory levels, forecasting demand, and managing reorders to avoid stockouts or overstocking. We competitively priced all products, and managed Amazon’s fees to maximise profitability.

Business Growth and Optimization

Providing data-driven insights on business performance, we identified areas for improvement and track progress. Streamlining your processes and workflows to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Ensuring the business adheres to all relevant Amazon policies and regulations.


Reduced inventory cost by 42%:

This was achieved through optimising inventory levels, avoiding under and over stocking, getting rid of slow-moving inventory and negotiating lower minimum order quantities with suppliers.

Increased profitability by 59%:

Listing highly profitable products within the client’s niche categories and securing better pricing deals with optimised product listings played a major role in boosting business’ profitability.

Increased return on investment (ROI) by 37%:

With reduced operational costs from improved inventory management and fulfilment, increased profitability from optimised product selection and pricing and Improved efficiency and reduced operational errors.

Achieved 18% Conversion Rate:

We designed the client’s website to streamline and enhance the user experience of purchasing wholesale products online. Our in-house designers handled everything from sorting out the product categories to executing a smooth customer journey.

We couldn’t be more satisfied with the results we witnessed for our store after partnering with AMZDUDES. Their expertise and dedication were evident throughout the process. Their personalised approach was fantastic – the account manager assigned to our brand was always available to answer questions and tailor strategies to our specific needs. Plus, their well-planned listing optimisation strategies earned us an incredible 37% boost in ROI. We couldn’t be happier with the results!


This case study is a testament to the powerful outcome of our partnership and data-driven strategies for Bonus Outdoors. By leveraging our expertise, the business was able to overcome its scalability challenges, maximized their potential, and secured a prominent position in the Amazon wholesale arena.

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