Amazon’s New Feature For The Sellers: AI-Generated Product Listings With 80% Accuracy!

Amazon’s New Feature For The Sellers: AI-Generated Product Listings With 80% Accuracy!

The retail giant hits again with yet another revolutionary AI-integrated feature, taking most of the hassle out of product listings for the sellers! This seller-centric feature now allows sellers to craft high-quality and, most importantly, much more accurate product descriptions and bullet points of the Amazon product listings on their store using a URL to their website.

Shoppers will likely see an increase in the number of product listings entirely generated by AI, thanks to the new URL-based functionality set to be completely rolled out to US sellers “in the coming weeks.” According to Amazon, it is aimed to automate the product listing process, making it more and more time-efficient for the new and established sellers, alike.

Listing Products Effortlessly and Accurately On Amazon:

Even though the feature is in its testing stage, Amazon claims “more than 100,000 of Amazon’s selling partners have already used one or more of our generative AI listing tools.” This highlights the potential of AI for sellers, particularly those with existing e-commerce websites who can now expand their reach by easily listing products on Amazon.

Listing Products

Improved Discoverability with High-Quality Listings:

Amazon is widely known to have stringent Amazon listing guidelines, which it expects each seller to follow rigidly. However, introducing this time-efficient AI-feature for listing creation, Amazon claims to have received up to 80% of AI-generated listings so far, with minimal edits. Compared to non-AI-generated listing content, the AI-generated listings exhibited more “clarity, accuracy, and detail, which can increase a product’s discoverability when customers search in Amazon’s store.”

Potential Concerns:

However, there’s a risk of unauthorized sellers or counterfeiters exploiting this feature to generate listings for unauthorized products. While AI offers the potential to accelerate listing speed and volume, it could inadvertently simplify the process for fraudulent sellers. This raises concerns, considering existing customer complaints about the prevalence of counterfeit products despite Amazon’s regulations.

So, What Does This Mean For You?

As a seller, this AI feature has the potential to streamline your workflow and boost sales. As a shopper, you can expect more informative listings and a potentially wider variety of products – but staying vigilant against counterfeits remains important. With careful implementation, AI-powered listings could revolutionize the Amazon experience for both sellers and shoppers.