Amazon Snapchat Partnership: Bringing Ecommerce Marketing to the Social Forefront [2023]

Amazon Snapchat Partnership_ Bringing Ecommerce Marketing to the Social Forefront

In a move that will revolutionize how people shop online, Amazon and Snap Inc. announced their revolutionary Amazon Snapchat partnership, bringing Amazon’s Virtual Try-On experience to Snapchat on 2nd November 2023. This groundbreaking collaboration will allow millions (approximately 363M daily active users) of Snapchatters to virtually try on eyewear from popular brands like Maui Jim, Persol, Oakley, and Costa Del Mar, all without leaving the Snapchat app.

According to the president of Amazon Fashion, the Amazon Snapchat partnership is about meeting popular consumer demand. In his interview, he says:

“Millions of customers regularly use Amazon’s AR shopping technology across categories in our stores, with Virtual Try-On for Eyewear being a long-time customer favorite.”

– Muge Erdirik Dogan, president of Amazon Fashion.

In addition to Virtual Try-On, Snapchatters can see real-time pricing, Prime eligibility, delivery estimates, and product details on select Amazon product ads in Snapchat. This will make it even easier for Snapchatters to discover and buy Amazon products directly from the Snapchat app.

Looking At The Winning Future Of This Powerful Collaboration:

With 68% of Gen Z interested in TikTok Shop, the social platform has a growing influence on the more significant proportion of Gen Z and millennials. As TikTok continues to build on its ecommerce “TikTok Shop,” Meta and now Snap are collaborating with the eCommerce giant to expand their social platforms into the ecommerce marketplace, monetize its platform, and offer its users a more interactive e-shopping experience.

The Amazon Snapchat Partnership is a win-win for both parties. This partnership is a sign of the growing convergence of social media and e-commerce. It is a trend catching on quite rapidly, such as the Amazon and Pinterest collaboration in April’23, followed by a more recent Meta and Amazon partnership in the second week of November’23.

Looking forward, this ecommerce marketing trend is expected to continue as a much more diverse demographic is shifting towards using social media to stay updated and shop online.

With the Amazon Snapchat partnership, the ecommerce giant attempts to make its products easily accessible to a younger, more tech-savvy audience, whom it may not be able to reach otherwise.

While on the other hand, the collaboration with Amazon is expected to enhance Snap’s competitive position vis-à-vis TikTok Shop significantly. However, Snap attempted to have its piece of the growing social ecommerce pie by introducing its “Snap Shop”, which couldn’t compete with TikTok’s dominating influence over the younger population.

So Snap’s decision to enable Amazon ecommerce on Snapchat expands the potential opportunities available to its youthful user base. Amazon’s humongous traffic of almost 2.2 billion people will allow Snapchat to win the ecommerce marketing trend by allowing Snapchatters to buy Amazon products directly from Snapchat app.

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