Amazon X Hyundai: Customers Can Now Buy Cars on Amazon [2024]

Customers Can Buy Cars On Amazon From Local Car Dealers

“Our broad, strategic partnership should do just that, from changing the ease with which customers can buy vehicles online to making it simple to use Alexa in Hyundai vehicles for entertainment, shopping, smart home adjustments, and calendar checks to enabling Hyundai to transform their customer experiences and business operations by moving to AWS. We look forward to inventing together for many years.”

– Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO.

November 16, 2023, Amazon and Hyundai announced their strategic partnership, which is set to transform the customer experience of physically visiting the showroom and purchasing vehicles. This partnership is expected to take effect next year, in 2024, an expected upgrade of the existing Amazon Vehicle Showroom, where you can have a 360-degree view of the exterior and interior of vehicles by Dodge, HYUNDAI, Jeep, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, NISSAN, and VOLVO.

As a result of the partnership with its new partner, Hyundai, Amazon is to let dealers sell cars on its site. As a result, the customers will not just view the car’s specifications (like in the Amazon Vehicle Showroom) but purchase the vehicle online and have it picked up or delivered to their doorstep by their local dealership.

The highlight of Amazon’s new partnership with Hyundai can be broken down into the following:

#1 Hyundai Will Be The First Car Brand In Amazon’s U.S. Shop To Sell Cars Online:

Apart from being able to buy cars on Amazon, customers will be able to shop for cars in their vicinity and specify criteria like model, trim, color, and features before completing the purchase online using their preferred method of payment and financing.

By providing a more streamlined shopping experience, this new platform will help retailers raise customer awareness of their inventory and successfully sell cars online.

#2 Hyundai Chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) As Its Preferred Cloud Provider

Under the terms of a new multiyear deal, Hyundai will migrate its present on-premises applications supporting research, product engineering, and customer engagement to AWS to become a more data-driven, cloud-first organization.

Production and supply chain optimization, cost reduction, disaster recovery planning, and the creation of connected car features will all be top priorities for Hyundai’s business cases.

#3 Alexa Built-In Will Make Next-Generation Hyundai More Responsive And Interactive

Hyundai confirmed that the consumers who buy its next-generation cars by 2025 could use Alexa hands-free in their cars. They can use Alexa to play music, podcasts, or audiobooks and deliver reminders, task lists, and calendar updates.

Customers may even use Alexa to control their home settings, such as thermostat settings, locks on doors and windows, and adjust bright lights. Customers may use Alexa to get traffic updates, weather forecasts, and more without internet connectivity.

However, despite its ambitions to elevate its customers’ online shopping experience, the company may have trouble winning over customers wary of making such a significant purchase from Amazon car sellers on the platform. A spokeswoman for Amazon stated that online car purchases are on the rise and that the company plans to provide clients with a “range of solutions that add transparency” to the transaction.

The eCommerce giant has remained silent on whether the feature allowing customers to buy cars on Amazon will be available in all 50 states. It also made no mention of the number of auto dealers to sell vehicles on its platform.

A spokesperson for Amazon reportedly stated that the organization would provide additional information as the program develops. The launch is anticipated with Hyundai franchised dealers in the second half of 2024.

“This is a transformational journey we are on together, and we look forward to a very productive long-term relationship with Amazon”

– José Muñoz, President and CEO of Hyundai