The Ultimate Amazon CPC Guide: Tips and Tactics for Boosting Sales

The Ultimate Amazon CPC Guide_ Tips and Tactics for Boosting Sales

Understanding Amazon CPC

CPC, or cost-per-click, is a metric used to determine how much advertisers or business owners pay for each click on their ads; the metric applies to all types of advertisements, including images, videos, or text. Simply put, CPC is the cost per click an ad receives; it is one of the most important factors to consider when structuring and carrying out your ads. The idea is to keep the CPC rate as low as possible to ensure the success of your advertising campaign.

While CPC is measured for all ads, Amazon CPC tells you the cost Amazon charges for each click on your sponsored product links. We understand the importance of running successful ad campaigns, so our Amazon PPC experts at AMZDUDES work with you to guide you through the campaign, from picking up the best bids for your ads to analyzing the campaign results.

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) vs. Amazon CPC (Cost-Per-Click)

Different Types Of Amazon PPC Sponsored Ads

To maintain the safety of the Amazon sellers and buyers on its platform, Amazon has begun reverifying its third-party sellers on the verge of account suspension in the U.S. marketplace. The new Amazon account verification system aims to prevent online theft, the trade of stolen goods, or any other illegal activity through its platform.

Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns:

Sponsored product advertising campaigns closely mimic organic listings as they appear alongside them in search engine results and product listing pages. They are one of Amazon’s most famous advertising campaigns, where approximately 66% of third-party vendors use them to increase sales.

However, you must strategize your ads effectively to get the most out of your sponsored product campaigns. You can use two main approaches as a seller or marketer to target the keywords in your sponsored product campaigns: automatic targeting and manual targeting.

Automatic Targeting:

This strategy is perfect for new sellers, as Amazon’s algorithm depends on the keywords in the description and titles of the product listings, and then your ad matches the relevant customer’s queries accordingly. So, to rank your product to the top search results on Amazon, the sellers must employ keyword indexation to optimize their product listings by incorporating Amazon SEO keywords to make their products discoverable.

In automatic targeting, Amazon will even recommend bidding prices to select for your ad to meet your campaign goals more effectively. The sellers can choose between four keyword matches to make their products visible to the target audience: close match ads, loose match ads, substitutes, and complements.

Even though the strategy may appear attractive and straightforward from a seller’s perspective because the advertisements are automatically matched to the customer’s queries, it lacks the optimization options available in manual targeting.

Manual Targeting:

This strategy enables marketers to choose the keywords for which they want their products to appear in the Amazon search results and Amazon product listings. It allows advertisers and sellers to alter their bids in response to price fluctuations, making it a cost-effective strategy for sponsored ads

Boosting Sales With Sponsored Displays and Brands

Sponsored display ads can help you make your products easily discoverable to your target audience by running compelling ads about your product’s details on and off Amazon. You must be a professional Amazon seller enrolled with Amazon’s brand registry to benefit from sponsored ads.

Sponsored display ads are the type of Amazon PPC ads trend, allowing a broad margin for creativity in displaying your brand to engage a much larger audience beyond Amazon. With your brand’s ads, you can select your Amazon CPC bidding rate according to your marketing budget.

Like sponsored displays, sponsored brands allow sellers to engage their target audience in the Amazon marketplace. You can specify the type of ad you’d like to showcase your brand.

Sponsored brand ads appear in three formats: Product collection, store spotlight ads advertise your brand’s logo, custom tagline, and multiple products. In comparison, a video ad is 15-30 seconds long and is focused on showcasing a single product.

Types of Sponsored Brands ads. Click here to register for Amazon Ads.

Setting Competitive Bids to Improve Your Click-Through Rate

Amazon’s ad bidding features have been a complete game changer for Amazon FBA sellers, enabling them to bid on their sponsored product ads where their chances of winning are higher and simultaneously preventing the sellers from wasting their marketing budget on bids they’re likely to lose.

Typically, these dynamic bidding features take place in real time and will manage your bids by considering your sales history and review count. There are three options available for bidding ads on Amazon;

  1. Dynamic bidding – down only: By choosing this bid, Amazon will decrease your bids as it determines your bid is unlikely to win the auction based on the history of your sales data.
  2. Dynamic bidding – up and down only: In this bidding, Amazon will adjust your bids, keeping them competitive with the other bids while analyzing your chances of winning the bid.
  3. Fixed bidding: As the name suggests, your bid remains unchanged regardless of the circumstances

Depending on the placement, you can increase your bids even more using Amazon’s Adjust Bids by Placement options. You can choose to have your ads appear at the top of the first page of search results or on the percentage product pages. These modifications can make your bids more competitive after these specific places.

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How many keywords should I incorporate into my Amazon PPC?

Although Amazon allows the use of 1000 keywords in the campaigns, the best practice is to use around 10-15 keywords per campaign and make separate multiple campaigns. If it’s your first time running ads campaigns, consult an expert Amazon PPC agency to help you maximize your marketing budget.

How do you estimate Amazon CPC?

CPC, or Cost-per-click metric, is easy to calculate. As the name suggests, you can estimate your CPC rate by dividing the total ad spend by the total clicks received.

What is a reasonable Amazon CPC?

To maximize return on investment, opting for a lower CPC is more beneficial than simply being the highest bidder. In previous years, Amazon Ads had an average CPC of $0.71, but since 2021, an increase has been noted. As of 2023, the present average CPC for Amazon is $0.91.

Key Takeaway About Amazon CPC

As one of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon is one of the best platforms for new and aspiring sellers to start as aspiring e-commerce. Now that we’ve established the fundamental concepts of CPC and how we boost sales using this metric, learn how this metric is calculated to optimize the PPC campaigns executed by the marketers in our comprehensive guide “Amazon CPC Calculation Made Easy: Optimize Your Amazon PPC Advertising Costs.” With the appropriate people and approach, running commercials like PPC campaigns may boost your revenue quickly and dramatically.

Partnering with a reliable partner, Amazon CPC becomes relatively much easier and simpler to understand, but the chances of your successful PPC campaigns are much higher.

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