The Power of Amazon Product Review: How They Drive Business and Product Growth

The Power of Customer Reviews_ How They Drive Business and Product Growth on Amazon

In the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, Amazon reigns supreme, boasting an astonishing 2.2 billion visits in April 2023, cementing its position as the most visited e-commerce platform in the United States. This staggering number of visitors exhibits the immense trust and reliance of billions of individuals on Amazon. But what convinces all these buyers to continue shopping online despite being unable to physically hold or feel the product they add to the cart?

The answer lies in the power of customer reviews. Amazon has become a haven for authentic customer feedback, with 94% of consumers turning to online reviews before purchasing. And rightly so. What could be more trustworthy than the insights and experiences of fellow consumers who have already tried and tested the products?

Therefore, in this article, we’ll delve into the benefits sellers can potentially reap from customer reviews and their profound impact on business and product growth on the Amazon platform.

Why Should Sellers Focus on Collecting Amazon Product Reviews?

1. Happy Customers Vouch For Your Products:

When your past customer drops a positive review below your product’s listing, he or she offers your product’s guarantee to prospective customers. In this way, potential buyers can hear firsthand from those who have already used the product what it’s like to work with.

This means that a customer can access information from a third party regardless of whether they know anyone who has purchased and used the product. This indicates that you are more likely to acquire a new customer than lose an existing one.

2. Positive Impact on Sales Growth:

According to Oberlo, around 62% of customers will not purchase items from a seller that censors their reviews. This means customers will naturally consider products with the most reviews and highest star ratings to confirm the seller’s authenticity. So, it is only fair to assume that when you increase Amazon product reviews, the business sales increase simultaneously.

So, it is only fair to assume positive reviews have a proportional relationship with a boost in sales. According to Pattern CRO John LeBaron, when a seller receives a one-star increase in their overall star rating (i.e., from 3 to 4 stars), the store is most likely to experience a 26% increase in sales. In addition, a rise in star rating also increases the store experience a 40% increase in sessions when controlling for Buy Box price and Amazon product Reviews.

3. Direct Interaction With The Customers:

Buyers and sellers engage in face-to-face conversation before purchasing conventional retail. Except for the reviews, you can’t do that when you order online. Sellers can interact with their consumers by responding to comments and questions left in the Q&A section of Amazon product reviews.

If a customer leaves a negative review, you might inquire about the reason for the rating and promise to address the issue raised. Customers who submit glowing testimonials and reviews will feel especially appreciated. By going above and beyond for customers, you may earn their trust and keep them as loyal followers of your business.

4. Boost Your Store’s Ranking:

Research shows that at least 80% of clicks go to items on the first page, and at least 60% go to the first three listings on the first page. If you’re a seller, this is your cue to start working on strategies to increase amazon product reviews.

That said, it is easy to assume that the first few listings on the resulting search results page have a better chance of making a sale. So, sellers should prioritize your product’s visibility among those returns.

The positions of listings in search results can be affected by positive and negative customer feedback. Many Amazon experts claim that the A9 search algorithm takes user reviews into account when determining the order in which products appear in search results. The higher a product is on the list, the more positive the reviews and ratings, and the higher your Best Seller Rank (BSR).

Amazon product reouch For Your Products: views

5. Criticism Helps You Grow As a Brand:

Negative feedback is better than you would believe. Some customers will make no sense and unfairly criticize your company or its offerings. However, well-written ones might point out significant flaws in your product line to the market. One such issue is that something crucial from the user’s perspective should have been noticed during production.

You could be missing the mark in your presentation rather than with the product itself. The need to rephrase anything or provide more explicit instructions, for instance, may be highlighted by a bad review. Your Amazon business will thrive if you learn to take constructive criticism seriously and use it to grow.

6. Monitor Your Brand’s Reputation:

With regulated customer feedback on your products, brand managers can make educated decisions that drive customer engagement in your store. To keep tabs on your customers’ digital experiences in real-time, consider employing a service like Amazon CloudWatch. Using these resources, you may monitor consumer feedback and manage your internet reputation more effectively.

Amazon Review Strategies: How To Get More Amazon Product Reviews

You may wonder if there is any way to increase Amazon product reviews since the stats show only 1-2% of Amazon buyers will review products. To help you, we have outlined four tried-and-true Amazon Review Strategies for attracting more positive reviews on Amazon:

1. Amazon’s “Request a Review” Feature:

Amazon will send out an automated email requesting feedback on your service, but a follow-up email asking for feedback in a more personal way can provide better results.

By using the “Request a Review” button, merchants can contact their customers again and ask for feedback. You can follow up manually from Seller Central between 4 and 30 days after delivery.

Amazon's Request a Review Feature

Sellers can – get more Amazon customer reviews by leveraging the “Request a Review” feature on Seller Central.

One typical seller’s query regarding “how to get more Amazon reviews quickly?” This brings us to one of the first Amazon review tips: Seller Central’s “Request A Review.” Though Amazon sends out an automated email requesting feedback on your service to your customer, a follow-up email asking for feedback in a more personal way can provide better results.

By using the “Request a Review” button, merchants can contact their customers again and ask for feedback. You can follow up manually from Seller Central between 4 and 30 days after delivery.

2. Add Request Cards To Customer Packages:

The second of our Amazon review tips answers “How to get more positive Amazon reviews.”

To get your customer’s attention, you can add personal request cards before dispatching the orders. Use bold hues and an engaging layout, but keep the information straightforward. To encourage clients to submit reviews online, you might also provide a personalized short link or QR code. You may then measure how effectively your cards are working.

It could be beneficial to put money on eye-catching product packaging. Include discount codes, helpful hints, and thank you letters in brightly colored boxes. If you go above and beyond for your consumers, they may feel compelled to write you a glowing review.

3. Enroll in the Amazon Vine Program:

If you have an established Amazon store and are still wondering how to get more Amazon reviews for new products, then this Amazon review tip is for you. Amazon has assembled a group of expert product reviewers as a part of its Amazon Vine Program. Participants will receive a free sample of the product in exchange for their honest feedback once enrollment is complete.

However, not all vendors can participate in this offer. To join, you must first register your brand with Amazon’s Brand Registry. In addition to being sold through Fulfillment by Amazon, the product must have fewer than 30 customer reviews.

Your first Vine review will not be charged until your initial $200 enrollment in ASIN is complete. If you don’t hear back from us within 90 days, though, there won’t be any fees assessed.

4. Co-operative Customer Service:

Sellers that offer the warmest customer service are most likely to get more amazon customer reviews. So, always reply quickly, professionally, and enthusiastically when a client contacts you with a query, an issue, or a request.

Your support staff can also request feedback once an issue is closed. Send your best wishes to each customer and encourage them to leave a review. You might also wait a week and then utilize the Request a Review tool to follow up.

Key Takeaway:

In conclusion, positive client feedback is a goldmine for businesses’ promotional efforts. These Amazon product reviews have become increasingly crucial as purchasing habits and consumer experiences evolve. The data above shows that customers are likelier to purchase from vendors that have received several good comments.

We have covered a variety of Amazon Review Strategies sellers can use, from personal gestures to Seller Central tools, to encourage purchasers to leave a review under their ad. A merchant consistently focusing on increasing Amazon product reviews has a significant advantage over the competition.