Common Errors Advertisers Make With Amazon-Sponsored Product Ads

Common Errors Advertisers Make With Amazon-Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon Sponsored Product ads differ from typical advertisements, including YouTube videos, TV commercials, or interrupting social media scrolling. While Sponsored product Ads target people already searching for similar products on Amazon, the ad appears on the relevant search results.

Paid advertising on Amazon is crucial for any business hoping to succeed there. Despite the simple process, there is more to marketing than meets the eye. Sellers who mistake Amazon PPC Ads as a waste of resources is often seen to lack behind their competitors who invest heavily in their Amazon PPC campaigns. This article reviews some typical errors people make while running Amazon PPC ads for their products.

Mistake#01 Poor Strategy & Execution Of Sponsored Product Ads

Rushing your Amazon’s Sponsored Product Ads towards the execution is one of the most common mistakes observed with especially new Amazon FBA sellers. You need to plan and map out your expectations from the campaign and, most importantly, your target demographics. The clearer you are on your marketing goals, the more effective the campaign will be.

Amazon advertising can be complex since the platform’s constantly updating its Ads position, thereby increasing the CPC of the campaign. So to prevent your marketing budget from going in vain, know your target customers.

Mistake#02 Not Exploring All The Options Available

Once you’re aligned with your marketing goal, you should start exploring all your options for Amazon advertising. Many marketers make the mistake of sticking to just one Amazon PPC Ad when they can choose from three types of Amazon PPC campaigns; Amazon Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display Ads.

Marketers can choose the type of PPC campaign which best helps them achieve their goals more efficiently. For example, a marketer must decide to run Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads if the goal is to create brand awareness and grab your viewer’s attention toward your store/brand. But if the marketer is looking for a way to promote the products to increase sales, Sponsored Products Ads should be the choice.

Mistake#03 Target Marketing In An Overpopulated Niche With High Competition

Many marketers or sellers running Amazon PPC ad campaigns skip the research phase and blindly set target markets to run their campaigns. As a result, the ads campaigns are most likely to either fail or give you almost no outcome or at least not what you expected.

Especially if you’re a new seller, targeting a market encapsulated with big sellers already making millions in that niche is never a smart choice. As a marketer or seller, you must avoid going after the market niche where finding a USP is difficult or easily counterfeit.

Mistake#04 Not Following Up On Your Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon PPC Ads left unmonitored only increase the chances of your campaign failing. It’s not uncommon for sellers to not check up on their campaign’s progress which means they’re giving away a golden edge to their competitors to dominate the niche. How? When the campaigns are not monitored, there are no tactical adjustments, meaning if the ad campaign goes downhill, the sellers will never know.

You are not expected to check your campaign every while but to monitor its progress regularly, at least once daily. This will allow you to change your strategies and compare the results between different campaigns to see which meets your goals the most efficiently.

Mistake#05 Skipping Over The Negative Keywords

If you’re not filtering out the negative keywords, you’re unnecessarily increasing campaign expenses. Amazon’s Advertising platform allows marketers to filter out the negative keywords for your campaign that you don’t want your Ad to appear on.

Negative keywords are those terms that may sound like your product but are irrelevant; for example, if you’re selling eyewear, your negative keyword might be glasses, as it may appear for people looking for wine glasses. So if you bid on glasses, someone not searching for eyewear may click on your ad, eventually leading to increased Ad spend.

Mistake#06 Highly Relying On AI-Driven Campaigns

Fully automated Amazon advertising strategies can never optimize your marketing goals. The primary use of AI in advertising has always been collecting data and providing useful keywords that can be incorporated into the campaign for increased efficiency.

AI does not only help in getting relevant search terms but also provides information about negative keywords that can potentially hinder your campaign’s performance. So, in the end, instead of putting all their faith in AI-driven campaigns, marketers can find a perfect balance between manual and automated campaigns for increased accuracy of the campaign.

Mistake#07 Not Devoting More Time To Ad Copywriting

It is a common myth that the ultimate goal of Amazon Sponsored Products Ads is to make your ads appear on the relevant searches to prompt purchase. While making your product appear on relevant queries is impressive, it only helps you halfway through your marketing goal. You can only expect the viewers to buy your product after it seems; you have to grab their attention. This is done by creating an attractive ad copy that resonates with your target audience.

For Amazon Sponsored Products Ads, the headlines and content of your ad is your sales pitch. While an intriguing and logical ad copy can increase your chances of maximizing your marketing goals, not paying attention to it may cost you to lose your potential customers.

Ensure your product’s headlines align with the algorithm used to rank titles.

How Can Amazon PPC Agency Help?

While it may take some time and several experimental Amazon advertising strategies to finally maximize your profit from your marketing expenditure, hiring an Amazon PPC Agency can save you from all the trouble.

A good Amazon PPC Agency will not help you strategize the most effective marketing plan for your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads but also help you in smooth execution and monitoring the progress of the campaign. So, hiring experts to do the job will save you time and resources and allow you to focus on your products or services’ quality and manufacturing.

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