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135% Visibility Surge: How AMZDUDES Launched Axiom into Wholesale Brilliance

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Axiom Stores is a premier destination for retailers, resellers, or business owners to procure high-quality wholesale products. Its partnership with AMZDUDES began at the brand’s inception. Our team helped the business build its brand identity on and off Amazon and established a lucrative wholesale operation from sourcing high-demand products to contracting long-term suppliers.


No Online Presence: As a brand-new business, the company did not exist as an e-commerce store online.

No Supplier Network: The brand did have little to no long-term supplier network, hence no profitable products.

No Distribution Channel: Being a new business, the brand did not have an efficient distribution channel or storage facility.

Our Approach:

Since the business was new, we had to start from the ground up. We established a strong supply network for the brand by contacting and negotiating prices from reliable suppliers. After securing 50+ suppliers, we built up the brand’s online presence by setting up its store on Amazon marketplace as well as developing its e-commerce website to gain maximum traffic on and off the marketplace.

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Our Strategy:

Build Online Presence: Our brand management experts build up our client’s virtual presence by developing its e-commerce store individual website, as well as setting up its store on the largest e-commerce marketplace, Amazon.

Identifying Reliable Suppliers: Since the brand works in generic category products, we identified and reached out to suppliers. Our in-house sourcing team procured profitable products and secured long-term contracts with reliable suppliers.

Developed E-commerce Store: Apart from setting up an Amazon store for the brand, to extend the brand’s presence, we developed the brand’s independent e-commerce website with all the wholesale product listings.

Optimized Product Listings: After procuring wholesale products and setting up the Amazon store, we launched all the new products on Amazon and boosted the products’ visibility with optimized listings.


$21,678 monthly revenue generated: With optimized listings and an efficient distribution channel, AMZDUDES successfully built the brand into a profitable wholesale business.

135% improvement in product visibility: Successful new product launches and carefully selected relevant keywords infused into each listing boost the brand’s new product visibility on the most competitive ecommerce platform.

67% reduction in logistics costs: AMZDUDES’ logistics experts helped the client establish an efficient distribution network and inventory management.

Partnering with AMZDUDES’ has been an absolute game-changer for our company. While looking for reliable professionals for the e-commerce industry, AMZDUDES exceeded my expectations. They delivered on their promise of sustainable growth, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


AMZDUDES transformed Axiom Stores from a new brand with no online presence to a thriving wholesale business with an established virtual presence. Through building a strong supplier network, building a multi-channel online presence, and optimizing listings, AMZDUDES achieved a $21,678 monthly revenue generated, 135% product visibility improvement, and 67% logistics cost reduction, solidifying Axiom’s success in the competitive wholesale market.

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Your Amazon business needs a certified Amazon partner to guarantee sustainable growth. More than simply listing your products on Amazon is required; a whole process of product research, listing optimization, and PPC campaigns is a must to ensure your store has a solid online presence on the largest eCommerce platform.

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