The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need For Amazon Seller Scanner App!

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need For Amazon Seller Scanner App!

The most major competitive edge any Amazon seller could have over his business rivals is technology. The more digitized your business is, the more efficient your operations are; hence, your productivity is enhanced.

Amazon Seller Scanner App is another tool to get you ahead of your competitors and hold your position in the highly competitive landscape of Amazon. Read the article to discover the perfect Scanner App for your Amazon business, especially if you’re a retail arbitrage seller. sourcing goods from physical stores and selling them online on your Amazon store.

What Are Amazon Seller Scanners?

To put it in layman’s terms, Amazon Seller Scanners is a mobile app that scans the product’s barcode and instantly extracts the product’s quantitative data, including its current price, lucrative ability, sales ranking, and, most importantly, if you’re eligible to sell this product on your Amazon store or not.

To scan the code, the seller simply has to use the camera on the scanner app to retrieve the product’s data automatically. Such readily available information empowers the sellers to make informed business decisions based on relevant, current, and accurate information.

Step-by-Step Navigating the Amazon Seller Scanner App:

As we’ve established so far, the Amazon Seller Scanner App is a smartphone app, so naturally, its primary function is to capture and decode the product’s barcode. Let’s dig a bit deeper to learn about how it functions:

1. Activate the scanner app you downloaded on your phone:

Install the app you must have downloaded on your phone, then log in to your Google account to start using the app.

2. Use The App’s Camera To Scan The Barcode:

Once you’re done logging in and installing the app, it’s time to put it to use. Go to the scanner app, open the camera to scan, and click the picture of the product’s barcode.

3. Give The App Time To Process The Captured Barcode Image:

The app reads the barcode by identifying the unique patterns and lines on the product’s barcode. The details gleaned from decodings vary greatly, from product names to prices.

4. All the Decoded Information Is Displayed on The Screen:

After the data has been deciphered from the barcode, the app will show you all the relevant data of the product.

Top 6 Amazon Seller Scanners Compared

There are many scanner applications to choose from in the PlayStore and the AppStore, but better yet, we’ve compiled a list of the six best ones for Amazon sellers. We’ve mentioned the features, pricing, and availability so you can choose the one that fits your business the most.

1. Amazon Seller App:

Amazon Seller Scanner App

This app is one of the popular choices among Retail Arbitrage sellers since it costs little to nothing to get started. You can begin using it immediately if you are an established Amazon seller. You will have to create a seller account if it’s your first time.

After installing it, you can immediately begin scanning products (or conducting a manual search) to find those that match your criteria. The app will scan and retrieve the following data for you:

  • Product price
  • FBA fees
  • Approximate profits
  • Sales rank
  • Total number of sellers
  • Official Amazon category

2. Scoutly:

Scoutly, formerly FBAScan, is a widely used Amazon seller scanner app with a downloadable database. This means sellers can scan products offline or away from the Wi-Fi connection. Some of the stand-out features of the app are a Comprehensive Product Catalog, Automatic Profit Calculation, Purchase History Tracking, OCR Support, and more.

Some features that make Scoutly standout, besides the fact that you can use the tool offline, are as follows:

  • Profit calculator considers your FBA fees, shipping costs, and other expenses.
  • Inventory management tracks your inventory levels and identifies products that are running low.
  • Reporting and analytics to help you track your performance and grab any opportunity for growth.
  • Bluetooth scanner support.
  • Product research filters only display the most profitable product recommendations.
  • Display eScore of the products.

3. Keepa:

Amazon Seller Scanner App: Keepa

This is another prevalent tool choice amongst Amazon sellers for its valuable subscription packages, most accurate sales charts, and historical trends and data. It is well-known for its extensive and reliable product history data for many Amazon goods. Keepa is available as a browser extension and a mobile app, which is convenient when searching for things to sell.

Sellers can access the following additional data through Keepa, compared to other tools:

  • Buy Box history to track which sellers are winning the Buy Box for different products.
  • Sales rank of Amazon products over time.
  • Product comparisons to compare different products side-by-side.
  • Reporting and analytics offers a variety of reports and analytics tools that can help you track your business performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Price history of Amazon products over time, so you can see how prices have fluctuated.
  • Manage your inventory levels and track your sales.

4. Profit Bandit:

Amazon Seller Scanner App: Profit Bandit

This scanner app requires a paid subscription to use its features, though it’s affordable and falls within the range of many low-volume sellers. Besides offering cheap subscriptions, the app provides 100% real-time data on the scanned products, helping you make more accurate business plans and decisions.

Some of the premium features of the tool include the following:

  • Advanced profit filtering.
  • Product research tools to find profitable products.
  • Product scanning is used for scanning barcodes and retrieving real-time data.
  • Profit Bandit allows users to track their inventory levels and sales data in one place.

Some other exciting features available on Profit Bandit include:

  • Manually search the product’s ASIN.
  • Profit Bandit allows you to search for products on Amazon, eBay, and other platforms.
  • Restricted item notification of Amazon-restricted products.
  • Buy List of products you’re interested in selling.
  • Profit Bandit integrates with Amazon Seller Central for seamless product listing.

5. Scan Power:

Amazon Seller Scanner App: ScanPower

Many sellers skip the tool just by looking at its price. Scan Power goes beyond merely being a simple barcode scanner; it is a comprehensive Amazon FBA business management system. With Scan Power, you can manage your inventory shipments and, most importantly, scan barcodes. So, it’s safe to say that the tool’s all-in-one features justify its hefty pricing compared to other scanner tools. Instead of paying for different tools to manage your logistics, you are investing in one tool for your inventory, products, and logistics.

Here are some noticeable features you get with Scan Power:

  • FBA Shipment Management.
  • Product Sourcing information like suppliers, cost, and estimated profits.
  • Print a variety of labels (item labels, expiration labels, box labels, pallet labels, and 2D box content labels).
  • Records Box Content to easily track inventory.
  • Manage Multiple Seller Accounts from within the same app.
  • Compliance Tools ensures compliance with Amazon requirements.
  • List products on Amazon quickly and easily.

6. Scoutify 2:

Amazon Seller Scanner App: Scoutify 2

The Scoutify 2 app is a user-friendly scanning application created to provide detailed data so that you may make educated purchasing decisions. Inventory Lab developed the app, which is free but offers subscription packages for additional features.

Here are some intriguing features that Scoutify 2 offers, some of these are as follows:

  • Product alerts for products that meet your profitability criteria.
  • Create a Watchlist of products you want to track.
  • Create Buy Lists of products you want to buy later.
  • Custom ASIN research, even if you don’t have the product.

Digitize Your AMZ Business With Scanners!

Having access to real-time data and insights is crucial when it comes to making it in the cutthroat world of online retail. These tools streamline the entire product sourcing, pricing, and inventory management process, which increases productivity and revenue.

With any luck, this primer on Amazon scanner applications has cleared up any confusion you may have had about the various options out there.

We recommend the Amazon Seller app for new sellers because it is feature-rich and free. If you have any further questions about scanning barcodes or choosing products to sell, contact our product experts at AMZDUDES right away!