Proven Tactics For Amazon Product Listing Optimization To Rank Higher [2024]

Proven Tactics For Amazon Product Listing Optimization To Rank Higher [2024]

To be a successful Amazon seller, you must rank your products through Amazon product listing optimization.

Sellers in Amazon’s marketplace consider the search rankings the pinnacle of success. You can earn more sales with less marketing or advertising expenditure if you rank for relevant, high-volume keywords. That way, you can reinvest more of your earnings into your company.

Keep reading to discover your answer to a frequent seller query, “How do I increase my search results on Amazon?”

How Does Amazon’s Search Algorithm Work?

Let us attempt to explain Amazon’s perspective first. Every single month, more than 200 million Prime members shop on Shoppers are the central concept here because Amazon is a marketplace, not a location where people look for relationship advice, kitten videos, product reviews, etc. So, it’s safe to assume that people are more likely to be ready to buy when they search for a product listing on Amazon.

Amazon’s Search Algorithm


Compared to Google’s product search algorithm, Amazon’s A9 Algorithm is very different. Amazon uses a two-step procedure to offer search results to customers. After retrieving relevant results from their database, they prioritize product listing on Amazon based on relevance.

Revenue per customer is something Amazon is aiming to maximize. “Using human judgments, programmatic analysis, important business indicators and performance measures” are some of the ways their algorithms are continuously being assessed.

Using Relevant Keywords

Using keywords for Amazon product listing optimization increases conversions (and your ranking) and ensures your product reaches your prospective audience.

In the listing’s backend, you can input the keywords that don’t fit the description. As the name suggests, the backend of your product listing on Amazon is where the backend keywords live. The listing won’t reveal these keywords to users, but your product can still rank for them.

Relevant Keywords

Amazon’s search engine lists relevant search queries people search for your product.

It is crucial to choose appropriate keywords to improve Amazon product listing optimization and to ensure more potential buyers view your listing. If more people buy from you, your Amazon ranking will go up. Imagine you are in the market for rubber boots, for instance. Rubber rain boots and “rubber boots for men/women/kids” are among the keywords that the keyword tools suggest when you type “rubber boots” into the search bar. These are excellent keyword alternatives to consider to enhance your product listing optimization for rubber boots.

Utilizing Amazon Keyword Research Tools

SellerApp, Keyword Scout, H10, AMZScout, Sonar, and other Amazon keyword tools can help you uncover keywords that are exclusive to Amazon. Be sure to include your primary keyword in the title of your product listing on Amazon. This keyword is highly applicable to your listing.

Incorporate more keywords into the product description and details. For your keywords to start ranking, you need to incorporate them once. This raises your product’s visibility for more targeted keywords, increasing the quality of the leads you receive.

Writing Compelling Product Titles

As we established earlier in this blog, Amazon product listing optimization is crucial to the sellers to ensure maximum visibility. You need to be sure that the title is relevant to specific keywords, the title should be your top priority. The reason behind this is that search engines treat title words individually, so if you want your product to appear for a wide variety of search terms, it’s best to include as many of these terms as possible in the title of your product listing on Amazon.

Compelling Product Titles

Example of an optimized Product Title on Amazon

There is a 200-character limit on Amazon titles. You need to use this bracket wisely to ensure adequate product listing optimization. Verify that all the terms you want your product to appear for fall within those limitations.

Title creation is an art and a science, so keep that in mind. Outsourcing the Amazon product listing optimization services will ensure that the product titles are relevant and catchy enough to make customers click on your goods.

Optimizing A+ Content & Descriptions

Your listing description is another place to enrich relevant keywords. Sellers are allowed 2,000 characters to include pertinent product details in this section. Therefore, the description box is where it’s at if you want to give detailed information about your products and have some more keywords for maximum product listing optimization.

Optimizing A+ Content & Descriptions

You may make stunning product descriptions with photographs, infographics, and modifiable modules using A+ Content, available if your brand is registered with the Amazon Brand Registry as part of the Amazon product listing optimization feature.

Since they are more eye-catching and exciting to read than the average product description, using A+ content may improve your conversion rate.

Getting Positive Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are among the performance-based factors Amazon considers for product ranking.

There is an overwhelming number of reviews for the top-rated products. Why? Because Amazon only wants to rank the most outstanding products, reviews from actual customers are the best evidence that a particular product listing on Amazon is worthy of a higher rank.

This is the last stage of Amazon SEO. Both reviews and conversions are necessary for ranking, but reviews are more critical for getting conversions. Sellers can hire expert Amazon product listing optimization services from e-commerce marketing agencies like AMZDUDES to get maximum feedback on listings and promptly and professionally respond to a bad review.

Positive Customer Reviews

You can’t afford to take it easy and hope your customers would be kind enough to give you a review on your store because of how important they are for Amazon product listing optimization. Instead, you could push for more good reviews by urging satisfied consumers to do so.

Getting professional Amazon product listing services to boost favourable reviews is better than going through an exhaustive process of contacting each buyer via email and requesting feedback.

Amazon product listing

Source: Statista

Leveraging PPC Campaigns For Amazon SEO

Regarding search engine optimization (SEO), Amazon offers various advertising choices for Amazon product listing optimization, including:

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads: Advertising your products through sponsored links increases their exposure, increasing the likelihood that potential customers will purchase.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads: Ads for well-known brands—Ads for famous brands can help people remember your Amazon store and its products.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads: To increase sales, improve your Amazon conversion rate, and rank higher in search engine results, sponsored display ads are a fantastic tool to retarget past consumers.

Paid advertising brings more customers to your product listings on Amazon, increasing your conversion rate and boosting your organic search rankings.

Staying Updated with Amazon Algorithm Changes:

Adaptability is critical to Amazon’s success. Stay abreast of Amazon product listing optimization or SEO trends if you’re an Amazon seller looking to make it big. Here are some recent Amazon algorithm changes every seller must know about in 2024:

1. Voice search optimization

With the growing popularity of voice assistants like Alexa, voice search is becoming increasingly important for improving Amazon product listing optimization. Enhancing your listings for natural language queries and long-tail keywords will be vital to capturing this growing segment of shoppers.

2. Mobile-view optimized listing:

Viewing your product listing on Amazon via a mobile device should be as user-friendly and straightforward as viewing it on a desktop computer, especially in this mobile-first environment.

Mobile-view optimized listing

3. Growing Importance of Brand Building:

Building a solid brand on Amazon can give you a significant edge in search results. This involves creating a consistent brand identity, engaging with customers, and making positive reviews.

4. Live Shopping & Influencer Marketing:

While not directly related to Amazon product listing optimization, the rise of live shopping events and influencer marketing on Amazon presents new opportunities to reach and engage potential buyers.

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