The Future of Amazon Advertising: 2024 Marketing Trends

The Future of Amazon Advertising_ 2023 Marketing Trends

Since the COVID pandemic, the online shopping trend has been on the rise and continues to grow each year; besides contributing to safety measures, the trend enables shoppers to select from a wide variety of options for the same product from around the globe.

Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce platforms, offers its products in more than 100 countries and maintains an inventory of 45 million products across a spectrum of categories. Approximately 45% of the American e-commerce market is dominated by Amazon. In order to compete on such a cluttered platform, sellers and marketers recognize the grave importance of focusing on their Amazon marketing strategies.

Selling on Amazon gives a great edge to the sellers for marketing their products world wide and engage with a larger audience. But only selling top trending products on Amazon does not simply imply putting up your products on the website; it requires a carefully planned marketing strategy to maximize the opportunity. The following blog will discuss everything from how marketing strategy helps boost your sales to all the recent Amazon trends.

Why Is Amazon’s Marketing Strategy Important?

If you’re unable to double your sales while your competitors in the similar niche are making record breaking sales year after year, this is your sign to start investing on Amazon marketing. A well-crafted Amazon marketing strategy can do wonders for your business and promptly boost your sales if perfectly executed. There are number of areas where planning and executing expertly designed Amazon marketing strategy can benefit your business;

  1. Increasing your products visibility;
    Having a good marketing strategy in place can increase the visibility of your products to your target demographics. By crafting campaigns that will most likely compel your viewers you can ensure a higher conversion rate of your potential buyers.
  2. Generating customer’s interest
    Apart from running attractive ad campaigns, sellers can make their products interesting for the buyers by offering free or fast delivery services.

Thanks to Amazon’s prime shipping feature, around 73.9% online shoppers prefer to shop from Amazon because of its fast, free delivery options.

  1. Advertising your products as “suggestions”
    Apart from making your product rank to the top pages, with smart Amazon marketing strategy you can land your products in the “customers also bought” section that appears right below the products page. This is yet another great way to grab the attention of your target audience.
  2. Gaining customer insights
    If you plan to launch a new product, develop new products, or look for ways to boost your sales, you must look into Amazon’s Insights. With this, you can better analyze your customer’s buying behavior, preferences, and habits.

Selling Top Trending Products On Amazon

When choosing your product to sell on Amazon, you must consider three primary criteria: consumer demand, business niche, and potential competitors. It’s easy to assume that deciding on which product to sell that ticks out all the boxes can be a little tricky and might not even meet your sales goals after you picked it out. So, to make things easy, it’s always the best idea to go for the products that are already doing well in the market in terms of higher customer demand, low competition, this way you keep your business on the safe side.

To name a Top Trending product On Amazon would be;

  1. Skincare products (face masks, cleansers, serums, moisturizers)
  2. cosmetic products (nail polish, lipsticks, lip gloss, face makeup)
  3. fitness products (yoga mats, dumbbells, water bottles, exercise bands)
  4. Games (board games, puzzles, play mats)
  5. Electronic accessories (mobile covers, laptop skins)
  6. Pet supplies (pet food, toys, grooming products)

Amazon Advertising Trends You Need to Know for 2023

Sellers and marketers know how imperative it is to stay updated with amazon’s marketing trends, it helps your product stay relevant in the marketplace. Here is a list of the latest marketing trends for the year 2023;

  1. Adding Video Content
    After using images, SEO optimized listings and attractive product portfolios to attract your audience, the trends in consumer’s purchasing behavior indicates that customers are and will be more convinced to buy a product from a brand that uses videos to display their products features. In fact around 88% of customers affirm that they find themselves convinced to buy products with video demonstrations.

Using the new video creation tools, the sellers can now easily curate how-to videos, visual ads, and products demos for their ad campaigns. Customers expect quality content from the businesses they buy their products from.

  1. Streaming TV Ads
    Amazon Streaming TV ads got an average of 10.5% more viewers than traditional TV in 2021, which is 59% more than in 2020. On average, Amazon Streaming TV reaches 71% of people that traditional TV doesn’t.

With rising popularity of streaming TV among the viewers, opening up a great advertising opportunity for the marketers to show off their products through streaming TV ads. This means that the brands and sellers should expect a rising marketing trend of interactive marketing, virtual product placement, and stream influencers on Amazon. In fact, according to Amazon, around 90% of the chances of buyers purchasing a product increases if sellers integrate streaming TV ads to their marketing strategy.

  1. Social Commerce
    Social commerce is taking over the traditional commerce with each passing year. According to Accenture reports, it is predicted that by 2025, social commerce will reach $1.2 trillion, that is three times as fast as traditional commerce.

Amazon, catching up on the trend, introduced features on its platform like Posts and Amazon Live. Embracing the trend shift in consumer response, it even introduced the feature Amazon Inspire in Dec 2022. This in-app feed displays shoppable photos and videos that resembles the layout of the popular TikTok app. It allows the shoppers to personalize their feed by selecting their favorite categories like “Storage & organization”, “Women fashion”, “Jewellery” and more. Customers can click on these photos/videos to view details and even add the product to cart.

  1. Augmented Reality Feature
    Customers are often skeptical of purchasing products from new brands online as they can’t assess it physically. Augmented reality solves this challenge for the buyers to an extent. Amazon View in Your Room, for example, allows you to view how the vase or the rugs would go with the theme of your room. On the other hand, Amazon’s Virtual Try on Shoes also allows the customers to virtually try the shoes or the flip flops on their feet to see how they’d look from every angle. So with this it can be easily predicted that Amazon will be adding new features for Augmented reality to its app to enhance the customer experience.
  2. Amazon DSP
    Sellers and brands can now reach a larger audience on and off Amazon through Amazon DSP, a demand-side advertising platform. The platform’s features can help any brand related to any industry. The future of Amazon DSP can be pretty fruitful among the latest marketing trends as the sellers realize the importance of incorporating Amazon’s massive customer data into their marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions: Amazon Advertising

How much does it cost to advertise on Amazon?

There is no fixed budget for running a successful PPC campaign on Amazon. If you plan to try PPC for the first time, you can start for as low as $5 to $10 and work your way up the budget until you earn good profit.

Is Amazon marketing worth it?

Yes. Viewers searching for products are more likely to convert to customers than other platforms. Reportedly, Amazon PPC ads have a 10% conversion rate, which is quite impressive compared to other marketing platforms.

What is the best time to PPC on Amazon?

Conversion rates on Amazon are often highest between 6 pm. and 12 am. when most customers are scrolling through their screens in their spare time. Focusing your advertisement in this particular time frame can guarantee that your ads will get noticed by a larger crowd of your target audience than during other times of the day.

How long does Amazon PPC take to work?

Even though we are still determining when your PPC will deliver its best results, the rule of thumb is three months. Give your PPC three months to collect valuable insights about your audience and reach its maximum potential.

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