Amazon FBA Size Limits: 2024 Sellers Guide

Amazon FBA Size Limits 2024 Sellers Guide

Amazon has restricted supplies in anticipation of the holiday season in an effort to avoid the inevitable rush. Holiday shopping is sure to be busier than usual in October because of the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day. Amazon is increasing its storage capacity and introducing new storage limits for sellers as part of its fulfilment plan.

Amazon recently informed sellers via email that third-party sellers using US warehouses will be subject to strict storage limits. The goal of this change is to control the increase in demand from shoppers over the holidays and avoid having storage facilities overwhelmed with shipments of all sizes. In order to avoid delays and other problems during Amazon’s busiest time of year, sellers must plan beforehand.

To help sellers have a stress-free holiday season, let’s take a look at Amazon’s FBA storage limits in detail.

What are the Amazon FBA Packaging Standards?

If you want to sell on Amazon, you need to follow the guidelines of their FBA program when packing your products. For FBA to work, you must adhere to the “Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements” precisely because these guidelines enable you to store your products in an Amazon warehouse. After that, Amazon will ship your product straight to the customer. For a problem-free shipment from warehouse to client, you’ll need to adhere to their packaging specifications.

Standard Practices for Packaging:

Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit, or FNSKU for short. A product’s Fulfilment by Amazon status and SKU are both identified by a FNSKU. Each FNSKU should be associated with a single product. When selling identical products with minor variations in size, shape, or color, sellers are required to assign a new FNSKU to each variant.

Tracking. Following up, all packages must have an outside label or barcode that can be scanned. Everyone should be able to see and read the label.

Certain objects under any certain category may have varying requirements. Here are some packaging rules sellers must adhere to:

  • Detached items: Products that are sold separately must be packaged together. Any product that comes in a multi-piece set must have the words “Sold as set” or “Do not separate” printed on the label.
  • Product packaging: Boxes used for shipments must be six-sided, airtight, and tough to open. A medium amount of pressure applied to any side should be able to deform any box.
  • Units of poly bags: Any poly bag with a top opening bigger than five inches is required to prominently display a suffocation warning label or print the warning on the bag itself. The bag needs to be see-through and have a scannable barcode. Full sealing of the poly bag is required.
  • Dates of expiration: Both the container and each individual unit must bear the expiration date when shipping commodities with such dates. The dates should be shown in the format MM-DD-YYYY.

Please be informed that in order for an item to be ready for shipment, it must adhere to the regulations of each category in which it falls.

Packaging Size, Weight and Limits:

The size and weight of FBA shipments must adhere to Amazon’s specifications. Make sure the box is proportionate to the item’s size before you ship it. One box may not exceed 50 pounds in weight or 25 by 25 by 25 inches in size.

There are particular pallet specifications that Amazon has as well. There is a height limit of 72 inches for pallets and a weight limit of 1500 pounds per pallet.

Amazon Box Sizes Chart:

Amazon has set size limitations for shipping boxes in addition to weight limits.

A detailed chart describing the permitted box dimensions is provided here:

Amazon Box Sizes Chart

The size of the item should be the limiting factor when selecting an oversize box for a single item.

Please be informed that these size restrictions are applicable to both individual boxes and shipments on pallets.

A minimum of 6 x 4 x 1 inches (15.24 x 10.16 x 2.54 cm) and 1 pound (0.45 kg) of weight is recommended by Amazon for boxes to minimise receiving delays.

What Is Amazon’s Oversize Storage?

An estimated cost is applied based on the storage type for which the usage exceeded the limit. Consequently, it is classified into two sizes: standard and oversized. Both sortable and non-sortable types are identical to standard and oversize sizes, respectively.

You may find the product size tier using this table:

Amazon’s Oversize Storage


For Apparel: When the dimensional weight is higher than the unit weight, Amazon utilises it for all small oversize, medium oversize, and large oversize units, as well as all big standard-size and small oversize items that weigh more than 0.75 lb.

For non-apparel items, big standard, small oversize, medium oversize, and large oversize units will be measured using dimensional weight if it exceeds the unit weight.


The monthly cost of inventory storage is determined by the average daily volume (in cubic feet) of the space an inventory occupies in Amazon fulfilment center’s. Unit size when packed and prepared for shipment is used to determine volume.


*Products that are considered hazardous materials or sellers with a large amount of inventory compared to their recent weekly sales will incur additional storage fees.


In order to avoid any problems or delays during the busy season, sellers must prepare ahead of time and make sure they comply with Amazon’s criteria in light of the increased demand expected during events like Amazon Prime Day. Ensuring order fulfilment goes well and customers are happy, sellers must follow FBA packing standards. This includes using the right labels and using the right size packaging. For better inventory and expense management, sellers should be familiar with Amazon’s oversize storage requirements and the charges connected with them. Sellers may make the most of the holiday rush on Amazon by being well-informed and taking the initiative.

For further information and assistance navigating Amazon’s FBA storage limits and packaging standards, don’t hesitate to contact AMZDUDES, the best Amazon FBA Consultant in the USA. Our expert team is here to provide guidance and support to ensure your Amazon business runs smoothly during the holiday season and beyond. Reach out today to learn how we can help optimize your operations and maximize your success on the Amazon platform.